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Currently Auditioning:

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as Dates & Times for upcoming Auditions become available.)

Auditions for the OBT production of "Mamma Mia!" musical will be held May 6th & 7th, 2019 at 6:30 PM @ The Liberty Theatre (LTOB) 2100 Sherman Ave, North Bend OR. You are welcome to come both days, but only required to attend one. Callbacks will be held the following day, May 8th at 6:30 PM.
  1. Please prepare a monologue up to 2 minutes long. Perfection is not expected but memorization is. An extensive range of monologues can be found online. (Monologue is not required if you are only auditioning for the chorus)
  2. Be prepared to sing 16-32 bars (measures) of a song acapella; songs from Mamma Mia are great.
  3. All actors will be taught some brief dance moves and will dance with others on stage. Please be dressed to move comfortably.
  4. All actors will be taught a part of the song Mamma Mia, accompanied by our music director. Once everyone has been taught the song, you will be asked to sing it in a small group and/or on your own.
  5. All actors will be asked to read various parts from the script.

A special Mamma Mia! auditioning packet is available for download. Please CLICK HERE. It contains additional audition and rehearsal schedule information, along with printable Actor Audition Form to be filled out ahead of time. Please sign it and bring it with you to Auditions.

For more info about the upcoming show, please text the director, Julianna Seldon at: (541) 297-7766.

Character parts looking to be filled:

Donna Sheridan - This role has already been pre-cast.

Sophie Sheridan 18-20 yrs. (Principal Mezzo-Soprano)
A very special young woman who is determined to find the romance and happiness she feels eluded her mother. Has an adventurous spirit even though she pursues a conventional marriage. Must be able to move extremely well. (I Have a Dream, Honey Honey, The Name of the Game, Lay All Your Love on Me, Under Attack, among others)

Tanya Cresham-Leigh 40-50 yrs. (Supporting Principal Mezzo-Soprano, Alto)
One of Donna’s oldest and best friends, Tanya has married several millionaires and discovered a lot more about plastic surgery than love - to the extent that she was ever looking. Wild, fun-loving and a big character, she flirts mercilessly with young men, happy to play, but not to stick around. A former singer in the “Dynamos.” Actress who sings. Must be able to move extremely well. (Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Does Your Mother Know, among others)

Rosie Mulligan 40-50 yrs. (Supporting Principle Alto)
Donna’s friend, a former member of the Dynamos; unmarried, free-spirited and a renowned author of cookbooks. A character who has developed a confident, funny and self-deprecating exterior which masks her inner vulnerability. Mostly comic, yet one of the most poignant moments in the show in the heart of Act 2. Dances like nobody’s watching, good comic actress, a bit of a clown. Actress who sings. Must be able to move extremely well. (Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Take a Chance on Me, among others)

Sam Carmichael 40-50 yrs. (Supporting Principle Baritone)
One of Sophie’s Potential fathers and a wealthy architect. Sam has regretted leaving Donna all his life and now finds himself divorced and back in her presence. He is straight-laced, confident and composed. At times he is perhaps a little over-bearing, but he is determined not to mess up the second chance he has been given… a very true and honest character within the chaos. Actor who sings. Should be able to move well. (S.O.S., Thank You for the Music, Knowing Me Knowing You, among others)

Harry Bright 40-50 yrs. (Supporting Principle Tenor, Baritone)
Another of Sophie’s potential fathers and a respected London banker. Once a head-banging, partying musician who went down the straight road - at least with his career. He is quirky, in the closet and something of a romantic nostalgist. A nice guy, determined to make up for some past regrets and full of singing. Must do a very convincing English accent. Also an actor who sings. Should be able to move well. (Thank You for the Music, Our Last Summer, among others.)

Bill Austin 40-50 yrs. (Supporting Principle Baritone)
Another of Sophie’s potential fathers, a well-known travel writer, Bill has visited the far reaches of the earth, but never found what he’s really looking for. A real character, Bill has generally avoided the complexities of a relationship and now wonders if it’s too late. Lots of comedy and a golden heart within. Should be able to move well. (Thank You for the Music, The Name of the Game, Take a Chance on Me, among others)

Sky 22-27 yrs. (Featured Tenor, Baritone)
Sophie’s fiancé; a former stockbroker who moved to the island in a young version of a mid-life crisis. He is older than Sophie, but smitten by her exotic charm. Perhaps he is too eager to please and has not quite found all the answers he had hoped for on the island. (Lay All Your Love on Me, among others)

Ali & Lisa 18-22 yrs. (Featured Mezzo-Soprano)
Sophie’s friends who have traveled to the island for the wedding. A supporting double-act of bubbly, bridesmaidy excitement. Must be able to dance. (Honey Honey, among others)

Pepper 20-30 yrs. (Featured Tenor, Baritone)
A flirty waiter at the Taverna featured through his brief relationship with Tanya. Hot, energetic and fun-loving, makes a great double-act with Eddie. Opportunity for a good mover. (Does Your Mother Know That You’re Out, among others)

Eddie 20-30 yrs. (Featured)
A waiter, boatman and handyman at the Taverna. Other half of double-act with Pepper. Fairly non-specific. Opportunity for a good young character actor to create something interesting. (Full Company numbers)

Father Alexandrios (Cameo)
The minister who officiates Sophie’s wedding. Often a heavy-weight Greek Orthodox priest, this is a potentially delightful little role for a character actor of non-specified gender with some imagination. A nice little turn in Act 2 for someone who doesn’t want too much to sing. Can play another chorus role in Act 1. (Finale Numbers)

Chorus- all ages and genders, movers, dancers, all vocal ranges.
Chorus parts are on stage much of this production and take various roles. Though there are no speaking roles, there is singing, dancing, movement, and lots of fun.

Stay tuned to this page as auditioning information for additional plays becomes available. Thanks to everyone that came to audition for us over the past 25 years. We want you to know your support is very important to us and much appreciated. We hope you'll continue to patronize us in the coming year with tryouts, play attendance, backstage crew recruitment, directing, ushering, and so forth. Drop us an email that you're interested in volunteering or else speak to one of our many directors.

Even if you're too shy to be on stage, PLEASE consider joining one of our backstage or tech crews. We have such great fun staging productions so why not come be a part of it?!

Previous experience is not necessary, we can teach you! Keep in mind we are always on the lookout for stagehands and costumers, seamstress and prop makers, singers and musicians as well, all great ways to break into community theater if you're nervous about getting up on stage. For more info, please contact Leatha Gonzalez-Vos at 541-217-7405.

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General Audition Guidelines:

Auditions are generally held 2 months prior to the Play's opening. Musicals and Shakespearean plays are the exception, as they have longer lead times due to the tremendous amount of material for the Actor to learn. Plan on auditions for those to run 3 to 4 months prior to opening weekend.

In any event, dress comfortably but appropriately for each audition, be punctual, and come prepared to read, dance, or sing (depending on the script).

Sometimes, would-be-actors are divided into groups and asked to read various parts from a script. In doing so, this simple excersize often aids in locating chemistry between actors, an important element in any play.

Other times, Monologues are required to help Directors gauge an actor's additional strengths & experience. These can range from poetry and song to excerpts from a script.

There are many good online sources available for getting audition Monologues; here are a few favorites:

The Monologue Archive

The Stage Agent

TheatreHistory.com Script Archives

The Internet Theatre Bookshop

At the Audition, you will be asked to fill out an official Audition Form listing contact info, special skills or experience, and other pertinent information to help the Director in choosing both a cast and a tech crew. You have the choice of either filling out a form at the actual Audition OR downloading one here in MS Word format and bringing it already prepared ahead of time.

In general, OBT seeks enthusiastic people who look and feel comfortable on stage, who listen well and follow directions easily, and for folks open-minded enough to try new & different roles than originally intended when auditioning. Some really terrific talent has been discovered this way.

In some instances, Musicians are needed for Musicals. If you are a musician interested in playing for one of our upcoming musicals, please contact us and let your talent be known, or else come attend an audition and talk to the Director directly!

As always, there's a need for Light Techs, Sound Operators, Stage Managers, Stagehands, Choreographers, Vocal Coaches, Costumers, Makeup Artists, Poster designers, Program cover artists, Set Construction, Graphic Artists, Concessions personnel, Directors & Assistants, and Producers.

If you have free time on your hands, or would like to break into theater this way, please give us a call or come to one of our open auditions and talk to the Director.

Experience is helpful BUT NOT mandatory. We can teach you! Come join the fun, make new friends!

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